The history of our toy company

2009: from Spain to Germany

The history of TicToys begins in a small smoky bar in Madrid. There, Tony Ramenda, the drummer of a rock band from Chemnitz, is putting on a show. After the gig, he exchanges one of the band’s CDs for a colourful wooden toy. The aim of the game is to toss the painted wooden ball up and catch it with the handle…


2010: from a shared flat obsession to a juggling toy

Back in Chemnitz, the new toy becomes the favourite pastime of Tony and his flatmates. Tony and his flatmate Matthias practice their throwing and catching and come up with their first tricks. They look into the history of the toy and find out that they’ve got their hands on a piece of Latin American cultural heritage. Soon, they develop their own first prototypes, introducing the double-ended handle. From a simple toy, the Ticayo becomes a juggling success!


2011: from first prototype to a brand new toy company

Tony and Matthias start the Ticayo craze, making the game a party favourite among students in the German city of Chemnitz. Wanting to give the new toys away as gifts, they make their first set, using the expertise of woodturners from the Erzgebirge to perfect the design. Thanks to the toy’s great popularity, Tony and Matthias decide to start their own toy company. They sell their first Ticayo on May 13th 2011, making the date the official start of TicToys, and founding a completely new way to play.


2012: TicToys picks up speed

With the first Ticayos made, it’s time to distribute the goods. Tony and Matthias visit eco-stores and toy fairs and get to know their new field. Despite the globalized toy industry’s focus on quick profits, low quality, and overseas mass production, Ticayo is a success, and the toy’s popularity brings the company a “SpielGut” prize, national media attention, and an ever-growing number of Ticayo enthusiasts.


2013: Tualoop is born

After recovering from the neon coloured plastic world of the Nuremberg International Toy fair, the TicToys founders visit the local toy museum. There, next to toy soldiers, dolls, and magic kits, they discover a miniature version of a hoop-based game from the 17th century. With that, their experiment and development phase begins anew…


2014: creative break

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2015: myFibo is here!

After two years, TicToys introduces its newest product: myFibo — ‘my first Boomerang’! MyFibo puts an end to the frustration of learning how to throw conventional boomerangs, many of which are hard to use and just won’t come back — and even when they do, you sometimes wish they hadn’t! A myFibo set includes four durable cardboard boomerangs which are perfect for indoor use in every living room! The fibos are very easy to use: they are designed for children age four and up, and they can even be individually coloured. From now on, the TicToys motto is: many happy returns!


2016: myRoodi joins the scene

Our frisbees join the boomerangs in living rooms and classrooms across the country. Designed to be painted and thrown by the very youngest, myRoodi gets the cardboard flying everywhere, and especially in the kids’ room!
In other news, TicToys go international by taking part in their first toy fair abroad in Birmingham, UK. From this point on, our cardboard boomerangs are available in the United States, Japan, and even Australia!


2017: stay in shape with das.Brett

It’s time to go big. Inspired by the classic Waldorf school rocker board, TicToys comes out with its very own fitness balance board. Das.Brett brings together everything that’s great about our products: cool design, versatility, and all-natural materials. At this point, TicToys sets up a small workshop in Leipzig where we put the finishing touches on our boards.
What’s more, we’re already busy working on the next big thing…


2018: Binabo – Innovation made from sugar & wood

For us, the ball is the toy of the toys! We have been working on reinventing the ball since 2014. This should not only be playable, but should be buildable yourself! A ball made up of many parts compactly in a box. A “Ball in the Box”, or “Binabo” for short.
After many prototypes, the time has come in summer 2018: We are starting a crowdfunding campaign on startnext. With the help of 182 supporters, we successfully collect over € 20,000 and use it to finance an injection mold for Binabo. The product will be released in autumn 2018! And we are amazed at how versatile Binabo is. Because new objects are created every day and it shows itself more and more: Binabo is #morethanaball


2019: From Leipzig to the world!

At the beginning of 2019, we are fulfilling a dream: we are opening our own toy store in Leipzig. Under the slogan “We love to make toys for the city that loves to play”, all our products can be tried out and of course bought. Once a month (every first Wednesday) we also invite you to the open game night!
But not only in Leipzig you can play with our toys! For the first time we are presenting our products at trade fairs outside Europe at the Tokyo Design & Gift Fair and the New York Toyfair!