TicToys products for active learning!

In times when the call for greater digitization of educational institutions is getting louder, our game ideas help counteract the ubiquitous lack of exercise in children.

Movement not only strengthens the body and promotes coordination, but also improves social skills. Exercise can specifically counteract the increasing lack of concentration in children.

Our skill and movement games are ideal for use in day-care centers, after-school centers, school sports, play mobiles or other educational institutions.
On this page you can find our products and offers. Should you want a tailor-made offer, contact please contact us.


Tualoop in school sports or as a leisure game in the after-school care center!

Fitness, body awareness and coordination can be improved effectively and in a playful way with Tualoop. On the rings and off you go: Playing in a group does not require a structure with fields or nets.

Tualoop is a very motivating game. It offers an easy introduction and also gives “unsportsmanlike” children a sense of achievement and fun in exercise.

So that it is guaranteed not to get boring, there are numerous game variants in addition to the free game, such as target throwing or bowling. We offer the game as Tualoop Set for 8 players especially for educational institutions.
For the teachers this includes an illustrated game instruction with eight suggestions for group games as well as an elaborated teaching unit.

This way to the Tualoop Set for 8 players.

myFibo & myRoodi – interdisciplinary fun for the free period or “in between”

Our creative movement games made of paper “myFibo – my first Boomerang” and “myRoodi – my room disc” are also available in the group variant, e.g. for school classes. With 30 throwing discs, even large groups of children can be kept busy. After painting the motifs, you can try throwing and learn the correct technique. In the enclosed instructions (copy template), various game ideas are presented. The historical and physical background of the throwing games can also be dealt with.
We recommend the throwing discs for kindergarten age (from 3 years) and the boomerangs from 5 years.

Click here for the myFibo group set and to the myRoodi group set.

Binabo – creativity and movement in one!

First, the children learn to try out the creative process! It is amazing how much perseverance and imagination children have in dealing with the construction game Binabo. You can then let off steam with the finished objects. Whether balls, throwing discs, skittles or hockey sticks – playing with the finished objects is even more fun because they were made by yourself and the toy is much more appreciated!
For school and kindergarten groups, we recommend the Binabo set with 240 parts for groups. From this e.g. 8 balls the size of a handball can be built. There are also numerous game ideas for groups of 5 or more children. These are explained in the accompanying manual.

Click here for the Binabo set for groups.


das.Brett – bringing movement into play, even for the youngest!

The board is what you make of it yourself! Once confronted with the bent piece of wood, movement and creativity are combined in a playful way. The Das.Brett balance board offers limitless possibilities: whether as a seesaw, slide or pirate ship! The inspiring Balance Board das.Brett is more than just a toy.
Because research attaches great importance to the rocking movement in child development. Independent trying out balance and movement in space is one of the basic needs of human development.

In addition to daycare centers and schools, das.Brett is also used in play mobiles or in the waiting areas of cafes and doctor’s offices.
If you need a higher number of items, you are welcome to contact us for a special offer.
This way to the Balance Board das.Brett.


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