das.Brett – Balance Board made of wood

das.Brett is both a versatile workout tool and great fun to play with!

das.Brett helps you keep moving and keep entertained. It is also great for building confidence and suitable for fitness and rehabilitation exercises.

A perfect companion for a healthy lifestyle!


das.Brett – have fun and stay fit!

A soothing therapy tool

das.Brett helps prevent scoliosis and back tension by training the back muscles, making it a suitable companion for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Using das.Brett for high- and low-intensity exercises is a great way of improving your balance and fitness level.

das.Brett has also been effectively used in voice therapy, as this testimonial from the prominent voice therapist Evemarie Haupt shows:

“I use das.Brett constantly in my work since it helps with the development of stretch reflexes needed for vocalization. It is also a good way of preparing for the Coblenzer AAP method, and ideally suited for artistic vocal training.”

The story behind das.Brett

Balance exercises were always an essential part of children's play and are vital for their physical development. Our inspiration for das.Brett comes from Waldorf education specialists, who pioneered the use of natural materials to stimulate child development by constructing see-saws out of split, hollowed-out tree trunks.

Exactly this simple wooden see-saw was the forerunner of the TicToys das.Brett!

How it's made

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