das.Brett – Balance Board made of wood for kids and adults


das.Brett is a versatile fitness device, a popular yoga aid and as rocker board a great open-ended toy!

It stimulates play and movement, promotes body awareness and is suitable for rehabilitation and therapy purposes.

A perfect companion for your healthy lifestyle!

You have more questions? See how our wooden board is naturally produced or find the answers to most questions in our FAQ.


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das.Brett – open-ended toy for children

das.Brett – bouncy fitness board

#brettyoga – relaxation, balance & body awareness


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das.Brett is a tool for beginners and a change for advanced yogis

In yoga, our balance board becomes an ideal tool for training body awareness, strengthening deep muscles and the pelvic floor and thus getting inner straightening. New dimensions of well-known asanas are explored in a playful and very careful manner. The board is turned upside down to a wonderful aid to adapt asanas individually to the needs and physical requirements of the participants.

das.Brett is suitable for all yoga levels. For beginners, it’s a versatile tool
and for advanced diversion and a new challenge. Even insecure yogis can benefit from the mindful balance movements. Because Das.Brett gives immediate and constant feedback whether the attention and concentration are in the moment and the alignments are right. Das.Brett invites you to playfully test the limits of your own balance and to consciously feel into your own middle.

Even if the board is apparently kept at rest, there is minimal movement. Often neglected, deep muscles benefit from this, especially in the feet and legs as well
the pelvic floor. Through the gentle movement that continues into the cervical spine, the muscles along the spine are increasingly supplied with blood, loosened and tensions can be released. When you stand on the board, the body automatically straightens up from the inside, the pelvic floor is activated and you act from a stable middle of your body.

Since the board is elastic, the vibration element can be deliberately incorporated, so that you can work more deeply, the fascial tissue is loosened and relaxed. Static exercises like the looking down dog can be practiced dynamically, postures like the warrior or the triangle get a new intensity due to the increased sensorimotor requirements. The board can be used upside down like an arch to adapt, vary or support exercises individually. As a meditation stool, as support for the fish or a shoulder stand, as a balance surface for the arch or as a support for the grasshopper … there are no limits to your imagination.

Attached to the board is detailed instructions with 40 different yoga exercises and asanas. We wish you a lively start to board yoga!

das.Brett – a soothing therapy tool

das.Brett helps prevent scoliosis and back tension by training the back muscles, making it a suitable companion for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Using das.Brett for high- and low-intensity exercises is a great way of improving your balance and fitness level.

das.Brett has also been effectively used in voice therapy, as this testimonial from the prominent voice therapist Evemarie Haupt shows:

“I use das.Brett constantly in my work since it helps with the development of stretch reflexes needed for vocalization. It is also a good way of preparing for the Coblenzer AAP method, and ideally suited for artistic vocal training.”


das.Brett is a natural product made in Germany


FAQ das.Brett

Das.Brett – what does it mean?

das Brett is a German word and simply stands for “the board” (das=the; Brett=board). We could not think of a fancy brand and always kept it calling das.Brett. So we decided to keep it like this, simple…

Das.Brett – how did you get the idea?

Balance exercises have always been used by children in play. They are an integral part of their physical development. Waldorf education began to consciously use elements from nature to support balance training. For example, tree trunks were divided and hollowed out. This simple wooden swing is the basic variant for das.Brett from TicToys.

In several development steps, we combined the multifunctional shape of the seesaw with the flexibility of a snowboard. This makes das.Brett a versatile training device for adults too: the light spring movements strengthen the deep muscles and protect the joints. With das.Brett a sporty companion was created for all ages.

What is the difference between “das.Brett” and other balance boards of the same shape?

In the meantime there are many balance boards of similar construction that are very similar to our “board” (at least outwardly). What makes our board unique: It is elastic! If an adult stands on the outer edges, they give way. With slight up and down movements, the deep muscles (fascia) are strengthened and the joints are spared. This flexibility makes our Balance Board especially interesting for “big children”! In addition, our workshop is free from toxic solvents! The use of selected natural oils and colors as well as the TicToys quality “Made in Germany” speaks for our Balance Board.

For children or adults?

The motto is: A board for everyone!

Our balance board is a versatile play object for children, seesaw, slide and swing at the same time. For adults it becomes a training device, indoor surfboard or a tool for yoga. das.Brett is also increasingly used as a movable base on the standing desk and in the therapy area.

Our balance board is only available in one variant for all ages. The size is equally suitable for children and adults, so that the whole family can have fun with it!

painted or oiled – what can you recommend?

For private households we recommend das.Brett natural oiled. We use a natural linseed oil from southern German products, which gives das.Brett a stable protective film and a wonderful feel. The grain really comes into its own here! The pores of the wood are not closed (difference to the varnished variant). So das.Brett – should it get scratches or scratches – can be easily reworked. To do this, sand it and apply a linen-based worktop oil. However, the oiled version should mainly be used indoors and preferably barefoot.

Strictly speaking, we do not use paint for the painted version, but a hard oil that has paint-like properties. This is much more ecological than varnishes, but still has the effect of closing the pores of the wood. In contrast to the oiled version, the “lacquered” boards can also be exposed to heavier dirt (e.g. children with mud boots). They are also more resistant to moisture and can e.g. can also be used outdoors on a slightly damp meadow.

Note: Oiled is the variant “naturally oiled”. All color variants are only available “painted”.

with or without cork – what suits me?

This decision depends both on the nature of the surface and the type of use.

For hard floors (e.g. tiles, parquet, laminate) we recommend das.Brett with cork.
On soft surfaces das.Brett without cork (e.g. carpet, linoleum) is well suited.

The cork underlay dampens noise, protects the floor and prevents it from slipping away quickly.
We therefore recommend the version with cork, especially for older or insecure people.
In back exercises where das.Brett is used as a base, the cork strips become a pleasant surface to rest on.

However, if you want to surf sportily, the version without cork (e.g. on a carpet or a fitness mat) is well suited. Even if the board is used as a slide or should often be taken into the garden – in this case please also note the selection painted / oiled – the variant without cork is recommended.

If the decision is still difficult, we also offer * to cork the board.

Can I have my board covered with cork later?

It is possible that we stick cork strips on your board. You send your das.Brett to us in Leipzig at your own expense. For € 26.90 we will glue das.Brett in our workshop with cork and send it back to you.

How do I clean my board?

Here you can differentiate whether your board is oiled or painted:

Oiled: Open-pored materials should be cleaned dry, otherwise the surface can suffer. Milk polishes are allowed, but they should only be used thinly and with a duster. Attention: microfiber cloths can scratch the surface!

Lacquered: damp, but not wet, cloths can be used here. The surface should then be rubbed dry directly without applying pressure.

Note: Our balance boards cannot be cleaned with disinfectant. Because we only use natural oils and water-based paints.

Can I use the board outdoors?

The oiled board is intended for indoor use. On dry days it can of course also be taken outdoors. The varnished versions can be used outdoors, e.g. on lawn. It is very important to keep the following in mind when using it outside:

Do not leave the board outside, especially not at night. Do not expose it to moisture permanently. Moisture and water can damage the wood, the cork and the oiled or painted surface. Always wipe the board dry after use.

What does a board cost?

das.Brett starts from € 99 (natural oil). Lacquered and colored versions cost an extra charge, as do the additional cork strips. The exact prices can be found in our “Shop”: https://shop.tictoys.de/das.brett-balance-board/.

Do you ship internationally? How much is the shipping?

Yes, we ship worldwide. For deliveries within Europe please find the shipping costs in our shop: https://shop.tictoys.de/versand-und-zahlungsbedingungen . For deliveries outside of Europe please send us a request so we can calculate the shipping by the weight of the product.

What materials are used and why does it cost what it costs?

We place a high focus on quality and sustainability in production. To guarantee the high quality, we manufacture the balance board exclusively in Germany.
For das.Brett we only use high quality and ecological materials.

The beech wood for das.Brett is from certified forestry in North Rhine-Westphalia.
We use pollution-free wood glue for the connection of the wood veneers. For the finishing we use ecological colors, oils and hard oil boilings from German production. No solvents are used in our workshop.

The finishing is done by hand in our workshop in Leipzig. So every das.Brett is unique.

These factors make our balance board a unique, long-lasting product. Das.Brett has its price, but does not cost a fortune.

What is the size of the board? Are there other sizes?

Our balance board is only available in one size. It is 86 cm long, 28 cm wide and 19 cm high.
It is suitable for children and adults alike – a board for everyone!

What is the weight of das.Brett?

das.Brett without cork weighs approx. 2.2 kg. A das.Board with cork weighs about 2.3 kg.

Where can I buy the board? Can I try it somewhere?

You can order das.Brett from us in the “online shop”: https: //shop.tictoys.de/das.brett-balanceboard/. We also supply retailers in different cities. If necessary, you can also try it there. You are welcome to write to us and we will look for a dealer near you.

Up to how many kilos is the board approved?

das.Brett is a certified sports device and is approved up to 120 kg.

Is the board approved for more than one person?

No. Due to the certification as sports equipment das.Brett is only allowed for one person.

Is there a risk of injury?

Children love to play with das.Brett. Note the following points so that you and your child can enjoy it:

Do not let your child play alone with the das.Brett and help at the beginning to get a feel for the use.
Show your child that they can pinch their fingers if they touch das.Brett over the edge.

The surface of das.Brett is smooth, so it should not be used with socks. Shoes with a very smooth sole are also unfavorable. To minimize the risk of slipping, use das.Brett barefoot or with shoes with a rough sole.

The same applies to adults: Basically das.Brett should be tried out step by step and the exercise intensity should be slowly increased. At best, fitness and yoga exercises should be carried out under expert supervision. We also recommend das.Brett with cork underlay to older or unsafe people. This avoids slipping away quickly on a smooth surface.

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