myRoodi – indoor throwing disc

myRoodi (myRoomdisc) is a set of three indoor flying discs made of durable premium cardboard. The discs are made to be safe for children age four and older, who can use them to practice throwing in the safety of the family living room — success guaranteed! The kids can also customize the frisbee illustrations (underwater-, space-, and safari-themed) by colouring them in any way they like!


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Throwing tips and tricks


First steps

Fold the outer flaps lightly and evenly downwards. Before you throw, feel free to bring your Roodis to life by painting them!



With a little practice you can soon let your Roodi float gracefully through the air:

- Hold the Roodi horizontally in front of your body, with your hand is on the outer side.
- Throw it using a quick flick of the wrist – it doesn’t take much force to get your roodi flying through the air!

by the way: if you throw your Roodi diagonally upwards, it will come back to you like a boomerang!



Catch your Roodi between your outstretched palms, or, with a little practice, catch it using just your fingers. For an extra challenge, try to catch it like an acrobat using your head or even your back!

From cake pan to throwing disc

The modern throwing disc comes from Bridgeport, Connecticut and owes its name to a baker named William Russell Frisbie, who used to sell cakes served on round cake pans.

It took little for the local children to start throwing the pans around, and the first throwing disc was invented! Since then, the it has continued to develop, with its aerodynamics constantly improving and new kinds of sports being invented. myRoodi presents a natural alternative to modern plastic throwing discs, and it is ideally suited for playing around in your living room!