Get moving with Ticayo!

Ticayo tests your skills, gets you moving, and makes for a fun time, anytime!

You can catch the ball, perform a variety of tricks, be creative and even invent tricks on your own. The skilltoy strengthens agility, concentration and coordination.

Recommended age: 8 years+


Playing and juggling with the Ticayo

With the Ticayo, your creativity knows no bounds — use your imagination to come up with your new ways to play and devise your own tricks.

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Ticayo’s way to Germany


The Maya in Mexico — classical period, 250 — 950 AD

Excavations in the Yucatan area show that the Maya practiced a game similar to the Ticayo in the classical period, between 250 and 950 AD. They used the skulls and bones of their enemies to construct this early forerunner of the Ticayo.

Latin America, 500 AD

The Inca, Maya, and Aztecs also had their uses for the Ticayo, believing in the magical powers of the game to speed up the return of the sun. Chances are that this is also where our Ticayo got its name, borrowing it from the name of a place near the city of Arequipa.


The North Pole, 16th century

In the 16th century, the Inuit who live in Greenland and northern Canada practiced a game of catch similar to the Ticayo, constructing it out of animal bones. The game was used not only for entertainment, but also in hunting rituals.


France, 16th century

The Ticayo arrived in Europe in the Renaissance, becoming not only the favourite game of King Henry III (1551-1589) but also a favourite pastime for French children of the day.


Asia, 16th century

The toy reached Asia via the Silk Road and even ended up becoming a weapon in Japan. By sharpening the top end of the stick (or even outfitting it with a metal point), the Ticayo was made into an inconspicuous means of self-defense, used mainly by Japanese women.


Germany, 2011

The Ticayo lands in Germany, bringing with it a totally new way to play — it’s already what’s making us tick!

Made in Germany: high quality, environmentally friendly

The Ticayo is made in an ecologically responsible way in selected local workshops run by families and charitable organizations.

[local and fair production + responsible use of resources] = guilt-free Ticayo fun!

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