Tualoop: the new outdoor game for the whole family!

With this ring toss game it won’t get boring. Easy, quick to learn and great fun to play!

The ring hovers like a throwing disc (up to 100ft) and bounces like a ball.

It can be played in numerous variations (e.g. field game, target throwing, golf, free play in a group) and thus becomes the perfect family and travel game, whether in the garden, in the park or on the beach.


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Made in Germany: high quality, environmentally friendly

TUALOOP – all natural

100% natural product

Play the natural way with renewable materials

The sticks are made of local beech, the ring out of wood fibre, resin, and glucose
(Arboblend® – the new material for a cleaner environment)

95% Made in Germany

The Tualoop is made entirely in Germany, with the exception of the carrying bag. The toy combines traditional craftsmanship from Niederbayern and Erzgebirge regions with newest biopolymer technology from Baden-Württemberg.

100% fair and responsible

Tualoop is produced in local workshops run by families and charitable organizations. The Tualoop carrying bag is made of 100% fair trade certified cotton in the Bags-of-Ethics factory in Pondicherry, India.

Tualoop: how to play


There are countless ways to throw the Tualoop ring and make it bounce and roll. Here are just a few basic techniques for beginners:


1. Throw the ring by pulling your arms apart evenly.


2. Make the ring fly vertically in a high curve. Aim it at the ground to make it bounce and roll.


3. Press the ring against the stick with your thumb while pointing down with it. Give it a good swing, release, and see it float it the air.


4. Hold the ring horizontally using two sticks, with your dominant arm in front. Bring the ring close to your body and then swing out with the dominant arm, releasing it like a frisbee.


5. Lay the ring flat on the ground. Place the point of the stick inside the ring and swing it forward, making the ring fly along the ground like a puck.


Use two sticks to catch the ring safely! Protect your hands by forming a triangle with the sticks!


Ways to play, from hit-the-target to team games


Game, Set, and Match

stake two rows of sticks about seven meters (20 feet) apart as pictured above

score points when your opponent fails to catch the ring, when the ring comes to a halt on the ground, or when it lands outside the field after touching the ground

each set has 15 points, it takes 3 sets to win

Also great in teams of two — alternate with your partner in catching and throwing!



stake two sets of four wooden markers directly opposite each other

feel free to increase the distance of rows for a more challenging game

hit all of your opponents sticks to win!



make your own golf course using eight sticks

choose your own distances at a terrain that suits you

for maximum fun, compete with your friends, with each person using one ring


Group Toualoop

Play Tualoop in a group of three or more

Make up your own rules and techniques and have fun!

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