Binabo - construct and play!

Build anything! Sturdy balls or other toys and objects - there are no limits to your creativity!

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das.Brett – Balance Board

Das.Brett is a creative toy as well as sport and yoga equipment. It is flexible, bouncy and very stable!

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Tualoop - the ultimate outdoor ring toss game

Throwing Tualoop it won't get boring. Fast and easy to learn and great fun to play!

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myFibo - my first Boomerang

Learn how to throw a boomerang with myFibo! Boomerangs that really come back and can be colored!

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myRoodi - my room disc

Color, throw and catch! The indoor throwing disc myRoodi consists of a light cardboard and is suitable for children from 3 years.

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Ticayo - skilltoy

The Ticayo puts your skills to the test, gets you moving and kills any boredom!

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Organic toys to promote
Creativity and movement.
fair, ecological and “Made in Germany”

100% Nature Made in Leipzig

Our Philosophy: “Green Sports Games”

Our products combine sport with creative play, so we want to counteract the lack of exercise by children!
Of course, we produce ecologically from wood and other innovative biomaterials – and all of it in Germany.

Movement, creativity, sustainability and quality Made in Germany: this is our philosophy.

Story TicToys

Our story:
from a crazy idea to a toy company

In our shared student flat we – Matthias and Tony – designed our first product “Ticayo” in 2011. The idea of founding a company and realizing other exciting game ideas soon arose.

From the smoky underground club in Madrid to the New York toy fair: here is our story.

TicToys Plakat

Our products:
Useful children's toys – also for adults!

Our active games for children and adults are not only fun, but also promote concentration, creativity and motor skills. Aiming at quality rather than quantity, a new toy is developed with love every year.

From the skill game Ticayo to the construction ball Binabo: here are our products.

TicToys products

Sport, creativity and open-ended play “Made in Germany”.

News from the TicToys world

Our showroom is open again!

(April 2020)

Luckily we are able to open our toyshop again to the public. Come and visit us in Industriestr. 11 / Leipzig. Please respect the current regulations and use a mask.


New products released!

(April 2020)

Binabo is now available in the black & white edition – for all the people that like modest colours! Also new: die.Rollen – an indispensable accessory for das.Brett. Both are now available in our shop.

das.Brett on German TV!

(January 2020)

On January the 7th we have been part of the MDRs inventor show “einfach genial”. Among some other innovative products for a healthy back our balanceboard das.Brett was presented!

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