Binabo – simply all round!

One chip – infinite possibilities: That is Binabo!

With Binabo you can construct balls of different forms and sizes. They are stable and can be played in a sporty way. They can be used for example as juggle- foot- or volleyballs. Binabo is available in yellow, orange, green and blue.

Binabo is a sports object, a construction game and simple compact travel game. Like this you cannot only buildt balls, also animals, plants, jewellery or any other objetcs.

Binabo is produced using a special biomaterial. Like this, Binabo is light, So ist Binabo leicht, resistant, tearproof, flexible, anf free from of toxins.

We recommend Binabo from the age of five.

Binabo Box orange 36

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Binabo – the DIY ball

Plug the chips together to a ball. With a starter set of 36 pieces you can for example build three juggling balls (12 pieces each) or one football. You can build balls of different shapes and sizes (eg 12, 24, 30, 36 or 60 Chips).

You can play Binabo like a normal ball, kick it, juggle it, throw and catch it. Even as a volleyball or hockeyball Binabo has already proven itself.

Binabo – the creative construction game

Who can construct a Ball soon can do it all: other throwing games, animals, plants, buildings or any other object. Your creatity knows no limit.

Binabo is so much more than a ball.
Some inspirations you can find on:

Of course we would love, if you post creations of your own!

Binabo – the natural ball

Production „Made in Germany“: high quality and environmentally friendly


Playing naturally with renewable resources:
Binabo consists of the biomaterial Arboblend®, which is 100% made of renewable resources (sugar, resins and wood fibers). Arboblend® is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, only natural and without harmful toxins.

Made in Germany

Binabo is produced completely in Germany. Injection molding takes place in Oelsnitz / Vogtl. with the biomaterial from Baden-Württemberg. The packaging is produced in Leipzig, where packaging is also carried out in cooperation with workshops for disabled people.

Supported by the European Union

Binabo was funded by the EU.

The purpose of the promotion is the development and launch of Binabo.

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