Binabo – all natural, open ended construction toy

Binabo – more than a ball

One chip, endless possibilities – this is Binabo! With a few simple clicks you can design your own toy! Build balls of different shapes and sizes that are sturdy and suitable for athletic play.

Let your imagination go wild and create animals, plants or anything you desire. How about a giant wheel or the Eiffel tower? Or rather a marble run or a lampshade? Binabo encourages movement and creative play.
Also the appreciation for your own toy is much higher if it was “made” yourself beforehand!


The construction system also offers incentives for young people and adults to develop their own designs. Not only toys, but also application-oriented products such as lampshades or bicycle bottle holders can be created with Binabo. Therefore we created the modest, adult friendly black & white edition!

Binabo consists of the biomaterial Arboblend® wich is 100% made of renewable resources (sugar, resins and wood fibers). Arboblend® is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and does not contain any harmful toxins. It is light, flexible, and equally suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
Binabo is completely „Made in Germany“.

Here you can find more information about the sustainable production of Binabo. All other questions we try to answer in our FAQ .


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First steps with Binabo

Binabo – the DIY ball with a lot of shapes

Plug the chips together to make a ball. With a starter set of 36 pieces you can for example build three juggling balls (12 pieces each) or one football. You can build balls of different shapes and sizes using 12, 24, 30, 36 or 60 Binabo chips.

You can play Binabo like any other ball. You can kick it, juggle it, throw and catch it. The Binabo balls have proven themselves as volleyballs or hockeyballs

Binabo – the creative construction game

Once you can build a ball, you can soon do it all: Build your own throwing game, animals, plants, buildings or any other object. Your imagination is the only limit.

Binabo is so much more than a ball.

Here you can find some
Youtube Tutorials

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We would love it, if you shared your own creations!


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Binabo – the natural construction toy “Made in Germany”


Playing naturally with renewable resources:
Binabo is made from the biomaterial Arboblend®, which is 100% made of renewable resources (sugar, resins and wood fibers). Arboblend® is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, only natural and without harmful toxins.

Made in Germany

Binabo is produced completely in Germany. Injection molding takes place in Oelsnitz / Vogtl. with the biomaterial from Baden-Württemberg. The package is produced in Leipzig, where packaging is also carried out in cooperation with workshops for disabled people.

Design toy for adults – Binabo Black & White

Also big children are allowed to play! For this, Binabo is now also available in “adult colors”.

Build your own design and decorative objects such as lampshades or fruit bowls. The stable plug connection creates chic household items and everyday helpers. The imagination knows no limits!


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FAQ Binabo

Binabo – how did you get the idea?

For us, the ball is the game of games. He has connected humanity for thousands of years. We worked on our idea for a “craft ball” for several years. The model is the “Chinlone”, a traditional rattan ball from Myanmar. It is played there – similar to a hackysack – in dance-like movements with the whole body.
When we held our first Binabo prototypes in our hands after a long period of work, we noticed that the chips can be used to do much more than just construct balls!

Are all Binabo chips the same?

Yes and that is also the special thing about this toy. Nothing is specified, your own creativity in the game is required. Simply click and bend an infinite number of objects!

Are the objects created stable and can they be disassembled again?

A special click mechanism gives the built objects good basic stability. For example, can be played correctly with the resulting balls or they can also be kicked without them falling apart. Nevertheless, the objects can be easily dismantled again – simply press in the other direction (inwards).

What is Binabo made of?

Binabo consists of the bioplastic Arboblend®. This material was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute and is now produced by the Tecnaro company in Baden-Würrtemberg. The main ingredient of the biomaterial is sugar. This is reinforced by the addition of spruce wood fibers. The material is 100% natural and free of pollutants. The colors are organic too. This makes Binabo a special toy that your children can play with without hesitation.

Is Binabo biodegradable? Does the material dissolve?

Binabo is made of a bio-based material, but it is not biodegradable, it is durable. The material is weatherproof and can sometimes remain in the garden. According to our ideas, the game should at best be passed on to the next generation. If you still want to dispose of it, the material can simply be recycled.
If Binabo really ends up in waste incineration (which we do not want), only the CO2 that was present in the plant is released. No additional, as with conventional plastic.

Is Binabo really indestructible?

Binabo is made from the very hard-wearing bioplastic ARBOBLEND® and can withstand very strong motor loads. For example, the chips can also be bent completely. This does not result in a so-called “white break”, as is the case with conventional plastic. However, the chips can tear if they remain in a strong overstretch for too long. The chips can also break if subjected to rough force. With normal use, the game is really almost indestructible.

At what age can my child play with Binabo? Is the game complicated?

We originally recommended Binabo from 5 years old. Little by little we realized that even a lot of smaller children enjoy creative sticking! Why should we keep the game from them?
For 3 year old children it is sometimes difficult to put the second connector together. The chip has to be bent slightly and this requires a bit of force. You still like to build chains or other two-dimensional figures. Generally, children of kindergarten age prefer to build simple objects such as arm rings, crowns, masks and body jewelry. Three-dimensional objects such as animal figures or balls are more difficult and well suited for children of primary school age. Young people and adults can let off steam with complex figures. Who makes it e.g. to build a rotating ferris wheel or a Formula 1 car?
Conclusion: Binabo is really a game for all ages, also ideal for playing with parents and children. Even the smallest can play with finished balls or animals. For example, the Binabo rattle (ball in the ball) is very popular.

Are there any instructions?

In each binabo set you will find a small booklet with inspiration and instructions. Balls of various shapes, the throwing disc and the cup catching game are explained step by step. In addition, there are lots of pictures of other figures (animals, vehicles, everyday objects, etc.) as inspiration. The large 240 set also includes game ideas for children’s groups (e.g. for children’s birthday parties). In general, however, Binabo is ideal for free play without instructions. Simply place an open box of Binabo chips and off you go. We are looking forward to your results!

What is the size of a Binabo chip?

A chip has a base area of ​​6 × 4 cm and a height of approx. 0.5 cm. The material is approx. 1 mm thick.

What size are the balls?

With Binabo balls of different shapes and patterns can be built. It starts with small juggling balls (e.g. from 6 or 9 parts). With 24, 30 or 36 chips, handball-sized balls can be built that are also easy to hold. You can build a large foot or volleyball (Ø 19 cm) with 60 chips. A large ball or ball can also be built with 240 chips – a nice group task! The balls are created by repeating patterns. In addition to motor skills, this also trains spatial thinking skills. Instructions for the different ball patterns are included.

How do I clean Binabo?

Binabo can be washed like dishes. It is dishwasher safe up to 90 ° C.

Caution! Do not put the Binabo chips in the dishwasher individually! As a result of the washing process, the chips are easily thrown through the dishwasher. Click the chips in groups or thread the chips on a string and attach them to the crockery basket. So you stay in the right place in the dishwasher. It is better to wash Binabo chips in the washing machine.

Binabo can be washed in the washing machine (up to 90 ° C). Take little detergent.
Caution! Do not put the Binabo chips in the washing machine individually! During the washing process, the chips are thrown through the washing machine. Place the chips in a zippered pillow case or in a laundry net. This is how the chips stay together.

Which set is right for me? What can I do with 24, 60 or 240 chips?

With the small starter set (24 chips), you can build lots of smaller figures and a small ball. In the compostable bag made of bioplastic, it is a nice gift for a child’s birthday – ideal for getting started with the game. The 60-piece set is suitable for building larger objects or a football. This is located in a handy, travel-compatible sliding box – the chips can be stowed away again and again after the game. For groups with several children (e.g. scouts, children’s birthday parties) our 240 set is the best choice! The large number of chips offers many options, e.g. a whole bowling set can be built with balls and skittles. In the box there is also an instruction sheet with group games.

I have built a Binabo highlight. What now?

We are always happy to find out what happens with our Binabo chips. Instagram is particularly suitable for this. Here you can find a lot of inspiration under #Binabo and #morethanaball. We welcome your contributions!
You don’t use Instagram? Send us your photos! We are happy to publish particularly successful photos and there is a small reward!

Supported by the European Union

Binabo was funded by the EU.

The purpose of the promotion is the development and launch of Binabo.